Where did Sense Makes None come from?

Sense Makes None began accidentally by Trent Pyro and myself. Whenever we used to get together and play videogames, if something wasn’t right, or we discovered a bug, plot hole or even a broken mechanic, we used to say out loud… sense makes none!

Originally we thought nothing of it, and when we came to record our first video, I was stuck for a name, so I just came up with Death Killerz, which to be fair sounds awful, but it’s what it was.

It didn’t work. At all. So we scrapped it almost immediately.

The next video we recorded was a Killing Floor series, which used for the first time, the name Sense Makes None! It was from here that we decided to play zombie related games with mods, to showcase the amazing work modders would do!

We went on to make a series on Saints Row 3 DLC, amongst other popular Xbox games at the time. This carried on for about a year, in between being invited to attend The Gadget Show LIVE and EGX.

Then it just stopped. Real life happened. The YouTube channel was deleted and all videos were lost. Trent had commitments elsewhere and I was struggling to sort out my real life issues at this point, so at this moment in time, Sense Makes None was gone.

It wasn’t until I moved out of my original hometown and had a little bit more free time on my hands that I decided to resurrect Sense Makes None.

I met some new friends in my workplace at the time, and one of them really stuck by. Wallamonster, The Blue Cube! It wasn’t long until we decided to collaborate and make videos both together and separately. This led to one of our most defining videos in Sense Makes None history. A new channel was born.

Trent does still come back to record the odd video, and will be seen in the near future, but all 3 of us are in our late 20’s and do this as a hobby. There will be long breaks, there will be downtime, but we will always be here to provide content as and when we can!